Le Rebouteux


Screams, tears and broken bones: it all seems the beginning of a horror movie, but it’s not. If you pronounce the word “bonesetter”, everyone in Mumbai – from the poorest to the Bollywood celebrities – perfectly knows what you’re talking about.
From 12 generations, from father to son, this old time knowledge has been hand down until nowadays.
Fakruddin, Kurla bonesetter, has helped thousands of patients suffering from bone ailments since 1992, following the steps of his grandfather, father and his well-known cha-cha.
Everyday, dozens and dozens of people show up at his clinic on Thakkar Batta Road with fractures, sprains and all kind of bone problems to receive Fakruddin’s treatments. He still hand picks the herbs used in his medicinal oils from the Indian forests to prepare his miracle ayurvedic unguents, whose recipe is more than secret.
Although his success and fame, to deal everyday with someone else’s pain is not an easy task though: that’s why always less and less young persons aim to learn this ancient knowledge through apprenticeship, and the mythic figure of the bonesetter risks to disappear shortly.